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Reminiscence- A memorable event to recollect memories of the past- to relive those moments of being a part of MANAGE again. Its  more than a mere cultural event. Its a platform where the alumnus get to know the current batches and vice versa. It’s the beginning of homecoming !




Poetry is emotion put into measure. On the occasion of the Convocation of the Batch of PGDM (ABM) 2017-19, Lovepreet Singh with his poem tries to capture the memories of a MANAGEite, which is titled “Parindon ka Laut aana”

In a mixture of various dance forms, we have the students of PGDM (ABM), First Year having a “Dance Battle”


Music- time and again – has been described as the food for soul. Music has the ability to rain joy on abandoned hearts, clutching them together when fallen apart. Music, in spite of differences, never fails to amaze your thoughts and soothe your mind. With this thought, the musical medley was a melodious mix of rhythms of different languages. Starting off with a Malayalam duet, it was followed by the chorus joining them for Telugu, Tamil and Hindi songs. While the audience would stop applauding for the wonderful portrayal of unity in diversity which MANAGE has been an epitome of, Music successfully could bring hearts together, helping them reminisce the days gone by. We present to you a melodious medley performed by the Students of PGDM ABM Batch of 2019-21

The folk music of India is characterized by catchy rhythms and the lively ambiance it creates. No doubt the audience but also the dancer have a gala time dancing to the songs of the chosen regions. The Lavani performance with which the folk performance started reminded everyone of the hit Bollywood numbers, which have featured Lavani. Priyanka Chauhan and Shivani Sharma, were amazingly graceful with their moves and expression. Lavani was followed by a blasting Telugu dance by Mohan, Pranith, Rajeevi and Rishu. The attire of the team added so much glamour that it was enough to capture everybody`s attention. The Tempo raised gradually making all the beholders tap their feet along. As soon as the Telugu team left the Tamil dance group came next and yes this time again the songs were ‘lit’. The rhythms of Chennai resonated in the hall and then all were in for the fun which was going on. Manivel, Pragya, Raghvi and Vishnuvardhan certainly brought the Chennai spirit before the audience, that was continuously clapping along.

Pankaj and Varun face off in a battle of words.

Bharatanatyam a medium to convey devotional praise and beautiful stories through graceful movements and expressions. The most amazing thing about Bharatanatyam that sets it apart from many other dance forms, is that it explains complex ideas and stories to inform people about Indian culture and social issues. Perhaps most fulfilling for the dancer, Bharatanatyam can incite awe, joy and devotion from the audience through sharp, precise movements and artful expressions. Let us take a look into a performance by the students of MANAGE as they dance along the tune as an offering to Lord Ganesha through their grace and expressions invoking the blessings for a new beginning.