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Cultural Committee


The Cultural Committee (fondly known as Cultee) ensures that MANAGE enjoys to the fullest, every opportunity for celebration. Thanks to them, festivals ranging from Diwali to Pongal, Eid to Christmas are celebrated. Because of them, more than a dozen festivals are acknowledged reflecting the amassing cultural diversity that prevails at MANAGE. They make sure not to compromise the festive mood and the spirit of MANAGE despite the busy schedule.

Academic Committee

We don’t teach, we share.

The academic committee (AcadCom) has been a point of contact and an effective channel of communication between the administration, faculty and students for the constructive feedback on academics. Apart from managing the day to day academic affairs, class schedules and inviting guest faculties, they have kept learning with academic quality as the top priority. They ensure the inflow of good quality reputed faculty members from various institutes like IIMs, IITs as guest faculty. Apart from being an advisory on academic affairs, they make sure that each student works in diverse groups for the overall development of the students to enter into the corporate world.

Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee conducts the grand alumni meet – REMINISCENCE at MANAGE, and chapters at various cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Bangalore, to connect alumni with current batches and make the bonds among us stronger. These are annual happy family reunions for all of us. These readymade opportunities to get-together give us immense joy to have fun and take vital decisions to raise the institute to higher peaks.

Sports Committee


The Sports Committee of MANAGE is a relatively new Committee filled with aspirations and ambition. They annually host the inter-collegiate sports meet – ‘Olympus’ and the intra-college sports event ‘Zenith’. Olympus, with six flagship events such as Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Snooker and Chess, the event sees immense participation from over 250 students from various colleges in the country. 

Health and Nutrition Committee

Health is the holistic sense of wellbeing free from illness. Proper nutrition plays an important role in ensuring that a body remains healthy. Health and nutrition committee’s makes sure that the right nutrients and quality of food is served, with the suggestion of gourmet menus from students maintaining the diversity from all over the country.