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Dream is the first step and success is the next. So let us dream and work for it. Let us dream to build the ideas that we see everyday, let us dream to live what we crave for.

So for all the dreamers who dream of new ideas and want to convert it into a business, Krishi Chanakya is here with the event named Akanksha- B Plan. This does not only give you the golden chance to showcase your Business plan in a well-organized manner on a national stage but also helps you to convert your dream into a reality.

So!! Buckle up this chance won’t come again and again

Eligibility- All  Master of Business Administration pursuing Students are heartily welcomed.

Important dates-

Registration Date- 24/10/2020

Registration Ends- 03/11/2020



The event will be organized in three Rounds.

Round 1- Abstract Submission

  • All the submission should be made to ‘[email protected]
  • Submission of the abstract of the Business Plan ends on 8th November 2020.
  • Only .pdf file formats will be accepted.
  • The submission should be in one page, Font – Times New Roman, Size – 11, Line Spacing – 1 with Normal Margins (2.54 cm by 2.54 cm).
  • Please name your file in the following format: “Nameoftheteam_Nameofthecollege”.pdf.
  • The Round 1 abstract should include the following :
    • Overview of the Business Plan:
    • What is the existing gap or problem that you are solving?
    • What is your solution/idea/product?
    • Competitive advantage and USP
  • Judging criteria will be uploaded on the website in a detailed manner and will be sent to the semi-finalists through emails.

 Round 2- Executive Summary Submission

  • In this round, participants are tasked with explaining the idea in an Executive Summary answering the questions to:
    • Cover Sheet (Company Name, College Name, Presenting Team Members, Team Leader Contact Information)
    • Overview of your Business Model
    • Sales and Marketing Strategy (how you will go-to-market)
    • Intellectual Property status (e.g., patents, licenses, etc.)
    • Competitor Analysis (competitors and your competitive differentiation)
    • Management team and/or advisors, including relevant experience
    • Value Proposition (Product or service description
    • Customer/Market Analysis
    • Financial Aspect
    • Funding Requirements and Proposals


  • The submission should not be more than 4 pages, Font – Times New Roman, Size – 11, Line spacing – 1 with Normal Margins (2.54 cm by 2.54 cm).
  • Only .pdf file formats will be accepted for the executive summary submission.
  • Please name your file in the following format: “Nameoftheteam_Nameofthecollege”.pdf
  • The last date of submission is 20th November, 2020.


Round 3- Final Round

  • Participants have to make a presentation of the said Business Plan, to be presented on a national platform.


Rules and Regulations

  • Size of the team: 3
  • Both participants have to be from the same institute.
  • There is no restriction on the number of registrations from one institution.
  • The decision of the panel will be final.
  • Only Team Leader will be able to make submissions on D2C.
  • Each participant can submit only one entry. Multiple entries from a participant are not permissible and will hence be disqualified.
  • In the case of any dispute, the decision of judges will be final and binding.


  • Winner : ₹25,000/-
  • Runner-up : ₹17,500/-