Literary Club MANAGE

We Lit Up Your Mind, One Page at a Time


Literary Club MANAGE (Team Pratibimb) eternizes the quintessence of arts and literature. The team unfolds the creativity and imbibes the interests of literature among MANAGEites by actively engaging them in various fascinating events.

Roles and Responsibilities

Literary Club conducts the annual Intra-collegiate literary & arts festival, Lit O' Melange, which reflects the acumen of students at various gravity. We are responsible for perpetuating the essence of grey literature by circulating the newsletter "SPICE" every three months among organizations, staff, alumni and students.

Lit O’ Mélange

Lit O’ Mélange is the idée fixe of the Literary Club MANAGE. Having started by Team Pratibimb, it intends to celebrate creativity in all forms. It is an intra-college fest, spanning around a duration of three days consisting of various events testing the acumen of students of MANAGE. The foremost intent of Literary Carnival is to inspire and enrich youth Literature and also re-kindle the interest for reading and writing amongst the students, as well as staying updated on current affairs. This event not only complements a B-School ward’s ability to think, act and express differently but also, ignites the zeal to stand out in a crowd.

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