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Our Alumni

Let's tAlk Series

The “Let’s tAlk” series is a series in collaboration with Alumni Committee, which is an Alumni Connect series which captures the Alumni reminiscing their lives in MANAGE. 

MANAGE Alumni across the globe:

The MANAGE Alumni Association (MAA):

 The MANAGE Alumni Association (MAA) at National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, Rajendranagar, Rangareddy district has been registered under A.P. Society Registration Act 35 of 2001, Dt-05/11/2005, Registration No. 1770 of 2005. It is interested in strengthening the bond among MANAGEites.

Aims and Objectives
1) Foster Alumni pride and enhance the reputation of the institute.
2) To provide opportunities for alumni to volunteer their time and talents on behalf of the institute and its students.
3) Provide alumni with the means to connect with other alumni for the exchange of information and ideas.
4) Create management related knowledge platform for discussing the latest management techniques, success stones and issues by holding seminars, discussions and debates.
5) Ensure that alumni have the means to communicate their accomplishments, interests and concerns to other members of the Institute.
6) To create alumni fund to support our diverse range of activities ranging from fests, online events, reunion etc.
7) Encourage individual alumni to contribute financially to the Institute.

In future, the association is planning to create a separate working space within the campus to perform all the activities and events related to alumni, update the database of all the alumni, enroll all the alumni as members of MANAGE Alumni Association & raise funds for philanthropic causes..