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Photofrolic 21’


“Have you ever been to your inner self?

But through else’s mirror

Oh! The mirror so serene that touches the brightest and darkest

And that makes weaker the strongest and bravest

Yes they are memories, Captured”


Krishi Chanakya 21’ with immense merriness brings Photofrolic’21 for all the young and vibrant photography stalwarts around the corner of the country!

Every capture should find its audience and we are here to provide you the platform to show the world the art that you contain. To reach to the stretch that you never thought of, to excel in the domain where you are proud of and to help people carve their story through your click which they are deprived of. So introspect and initiate.


Eligibility– All Undergraduate, Post graduate and Master of Business Administration students are heartily welcomed to take part and show their creativity on a national platform.


Theme – Seasonality


How to Participate-

All entries has to be send on official email handle of Krishi Chanakya, [email protected].

Subject of the mail and name of the file should contain the name of the student along with the college name of the participants. (“Nameofparticipant_Nameofthecollege”)

Body of the Email should contain the caption for the image and username of instagram handle of the participants.


Relevant Dates


Submission of entries – 

Last date of the submission – 28 September, 2021

Likes and Comments to be counted till – 15th September, 2021



  • One participant can only go for one entry.
  • The winner will be decided on two parameters
    • Instagram likes and comments
    • Jury Selection
  • Each like and comment will contribute 2 and 1 marks respectively.
  • Comment from Individual person will be counted only once
  • The photos submitted through the mail will be uploaded with the caption provided by the participant. The participant will be tagged and credit will be conserved with the participant only.
  • Any kind of watermarks, copyright marks, text or logo should not be there on the image.
  • Editing should be done in accordance of the relevant things. No over or under saturation or sharpening should be done. Excessive amount of editing should be avoided. Real essence of the capture should be visible.
  • The size of the file should not exceed 10 MB.
  • Original photos are invited and plagiarism will NOT be accepted on any ground.
  • Photos should be unique and never have been provided in any other competitions.
  • Final decision resides with the Jury of the Event.


Rs. 4000 each for two winners