Academic Committee

We Don’t Teach, We Share

Academic Committee

We Don't Teach, We Share

About Us

The Academic Committee is an important aspect of the PGDM Programme, working closely with the administration to ensure that academic rigour is maintained. It is in charge of promoting an intellectually stimulating atmosphere by assisting the PGDM office with the smooth running of courses, examinations, and other activities such as curriculum development, academic calendar planning, training, and the batch's readiness for GDs and interviews. Aside from ensuring academic success, the committee is also responsible for ensuring students' personal growth and sustaining student satisfaction.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Academic Committee works to build, foster, and sustain a learning environment that satisfies the students’ desire to learn.
  • The Academic Committee serves as a conduit between the students, the faculty and the administration.
  • Taking care of all academics , such as course material and choosing¬†electives.¬†¬†
  • When required, remedial sessions are offered to supplement and enhance classroom learning.
  • Assist in ensuring that the academic curriculum is in line with the institute’s mission and industry requirements.
  • Makes recommendations to introduce electives in developing or new areas in line with the changing trends in the industry
  • A huge cultural diversity is present at MANAGE hence Academic Committee ensures that peer learning is encouraged.