Sports Committee

One Team, One Dream

The sports committee focuses to achieve fitness goals and maintaining a healthy body which is indispensable for overall development, both for students as well as faculty. Organizing a plethora of events all year round and maintaining the state-of-the-art sports infrastructure is also its responsibility for which it closely works with the administration round the year. 12-14 enthusiastic members from both batches constitute this committee. Regular updates about sports events happening around the globe are shared by its social media handles as well. It has also the highest budget allocation among its peer committees.

Roles and Responsibilities

The purpose of sports committee of MANAGE is to bring the togetherness among students and keep the essence of sports and fitness alive also directed towards enhancing and improving the ways of providing purest form of joy. Despite having most exhausting academic framework, we ensure students to participate in large no. of sports like cricket, lawn tennis, badminton, squash, snookers, chess, carroms etc. The committee is responsible for conducting ‘ZENITH’, intra college sports event helps students develop their individual skills and team coordination which goes long way in inter college sports events. Then comes ‘OLYMPUS’ which brings teams from different B-Schools across India. On our social media accounts, we keep on updating about what’s been happening in the world of sports. In addition to these, we organise various initiatives all-round the year to keep students engaged.


ZENITH is intra-collegiate level sports event. The latest edition of ZENITH was an amalgamation of 16 games with prize money of more than Rs. 1,35,000!


OLYMPUS is inter-collegiate level. The first edition of OLYMPUS was conducted in 2016 and saw the participation of students from 7 B-schools which has been increasing over the years.

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